&Now 2015 Blast Radius: Writing & the Other Arts :: Book Fair

Situated in the heart of the spaces utilized for the conference, in a room called Langley, the Book Fair will be a site for further interaction between participants, and we hope all engage with it in some manner.

The Fair will be overseen by Insert Blanc Press.

Insert Blanc Editor & Publisher Mathew Timmons will be handling sales of all books, except those whose publishers wish to staff their own tables.

We are greatly looking forward to seeing you and your books at &Now.

The Book Fair will be open during the following hours:

  • Wednesday, March 25 from 5pm to 8pm (also open for dropping off books)
  • Thursday, March 26 from 10am – 6pm (10 am – 1pm for dropping off books)
  • Friday, March 27 from 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday, March 27 from 10am – 6pm (pick up unsold books 4-7pm)

To participate, you may either bring your books in person and deliver them to Matt directly at the conference, OR send them in advance (details follow).

As there will be a large number of books from different sellers, in differing amounts, to facilitate the process, a consignment form has been drawn up, which you will need to complete, and email to insertpress@gmail.com by the day before the conference begins, i.e., Tuesday March 24th.

You should also bring a printed copy of this form with your books, or include it when you ship them:

Consignment Form

All details of the process are outlined in the form which can be downloaded above, including the address for shipping if you wish to send books in advance, (with a printed copy of the consignment form). If you have any specific questions, please contact Matt directly at insertpress@gmail.com

If anyone would like to have a table of their own, please contact Christine Wertheim: wertheim@calarts.edu

Please do not respond to the &Now email address about Book Fair matters. Respond directly to either Matt or Christine at  insertpress@gmail.com OR wertheim@calarts.edu

Please remember to bring a printed copy of the consignment form to the conference with your books, or include it when you ship them. 

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